This blog is about classical music. There is a great deal out there about Bach, Beethoven and Brahms, and a lot about opera. But  I will be dealing for the most part with less well known music which, sadly, you are unlikely ever to find in concert programmes and so can never get to know through live performance.

I grew up listening to my father playing the piano. Although I could play a bit too, my main instrument was the trombone, though later in life I played quite a bit of fiddle and a little flute. At university I composed the old way, tinkling the ivories to sort out my ideas and writing them down on manuscript paper. I only wrote music for specific performers: a violin sonata, a trio for clarinet, violin and cello. In recent years I ventured beyond that, using sequencing software, writing directly into the score for each instrument.

I have two areas of weakness which I will mostly avoid in this blog. The first is the Baroque. I am happy in the period before it and in the periods after, but I find the Baroque hard to take – something I hope to explain in a later post.

And I am not strong on singers and singing. I will try to explain this too at some point, but meantime what interests me most is instrumental music ranging from chamber to orchestral. I take great pleasure in this and hope you will too.


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